BioPharmaWorks Scientists


Bill Billing | Statistics and Clinical Science
Education: MS - Meteorology/Applied Statistics; MA - Physiology; BS – Physics

Experience: 2013-2014 Systamedic - Director Statistics and Clinical Science; 1991-2012 Pfizer - Statistics Head for Neuroscience Research Unit; 1984-1991 USCG R&D Center - Statistician for projects in environmental chemistry, ocean sciences

Expertise: Biostatistics, chemometrics. Statistics support in all phases of drug development including regulatory filing/defense, clinical trial design/analysis. Over 30 publications.

Anthony Marfat | Medicinal Chemistry
Education: PhD - Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Experience: 2010-2014 Systamedic - Director Medicinal Chemistry; 1981-2009 Pfizer - Inflammation, Allergy and Respiratory Disease, Infectious Disease

Expertise: Prodrug Expert, Structural Alerts Expert, Drug Design and Synthesis. Over 100 patents and scientific publications.

Fred Nelson | Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism
Education: BS - Biochemistry

Experience: 2010-2014 Systamedic - Director Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism; 1994-2010 Pfizer - Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism; 1984-1994 Burroughs Wellcome

Expertise: Drug Metabolism, Drug discovery Psychotherapeutics, Neurodegeneration, Allergy, Cancer. Over 30 scientific publications.

Hans Rollema | Neuropharmacology
Education: PhD - Medicinal Chemistry, PharmD

Experience: 2012-2014 Systamedic - Director Neuropharmacology; 1992-2010 Pfizer - Neuroscience. Involved in the discovery and development of varenicline (Chantix)

Expertise: Microdialysis, Bioanalysis, CNS Pharmacology, Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor. Over 90 scientific publications.

Bob Volkmann | Chief Scientific Officer
Education: PhD - Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Experience: 2009- Systamedic - Chief Scientific Officer; 1975-2009 Pfizer - Neuroscience, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Diabetes, Process Chemistry

Expertise: Drug Design and Synthesis, Process Chemistry, Outsourcing, New Drug Discovery Technologies. American Chemical Society (ACS) Fellow. Past Chair of the Organic Division of the ACS. Over 100 patents and scientific publications.

Panos Zagouras | Systems Biology and Indications Discovery
Education: Ph.D. Experimental Pathology and Cell Biology

Experience: 2011-2014 Systamedic - Director Computational and Systems Biology; 1998-2011 Pfizer - Neurodegeneration, Psychotherapeutics, Inflammation, Cardiovascular Diseases; 1995-1998 Biotechnology and Diagnostics industry

Expertise: Genomics, Chemogenomics, Computational Biology, Drug Repositioning. Over 30 patents and scientific publications.

Brian T. O’Neill I Medicinal Chemistry
Education: PhD-Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Experience: 1982-2017 Pfizer Neuroscience Medicinal Chemistry, Antibacterial Process Chemistry.

Expertise: Drug Design and Synthesis, Process Chemistry, Outsourcing, 2010 “Heroes of Chemistry” Award for the discovery of varenicline (Chantix) from American Chemical Society (ACS). Over 85 patents and scientific publications.

Jay Pandit I Structural Biology
Education: PhD - Macromolecular Crystallography

Experience: 1993-2018 Pfizer – Structural Biology and Biophysics Group, Lab Head.

Expertise: Protein crystallography, Structure-based drug design, Fragment screening, Target validation. Over 50 patents and scientific publications.